Value Engineering / Lifecycle Cost

We aim to deliver the most appropriate solution to meet our clients needs. During the design all aspects of the project are value managed through consideration of which forms of construction and procurement route is followed.

Material specification is closely scrutinised to ensure products are consistently tailored to provide our Clients with a building best suited to their individual requirements and circumstances. Key elements are assessed with consideration given to quality, aesthetics, robustness, maintenance, compatibility, cost, availability, Health & Safety, and environmental design.

Whole life cycle costing analysis is an essential exercise in the development of the design, and the introduction of sustainable design and servicing solutions within building is fundamental to providing long term benefits to the built environment and our clients on-going management commitments.

Conclusions and recommendations are reached as to the best value solution for each element. At all times the Practice looks to provide our Clients with best value, often exceeding their expectations, however there remains a realisation that long term benefits must be justified in terms of initial capital cost.