Mackie Ramsay Taylor hold a commitment to providing a quality service and, strive to create buildings of the highest design quality without compromise on the Clients finances, building programme, and long term building management considerations.

We can offer expertise in all aspects of building design from inception through to completion. We can offer further advice regarding cost control, brief building, life cycle costing, sustainability, space planning, landscape design, town planning issues and forms of procurement.

The practice can offer expertise as lead consultant with respect to the following services: Project inception; feasibility; scheme design; detail design; production information; billing / tender information as necessary; project planning; operations on site; through to project completion.

We continually review all aspects of the design to ensure all project deliverables are met; design quality, cost control, and programme review. Our experience across all sectors will allow us to deliver a high quality design that not only works and functions for the needs of the buildings occupants but also creates a flexible, modern environment.

At the outset we seek to agree the project deliverables, identifying the critical aspects which need to be addressed:

  • Design Quality + Innovation
  • Design Development + Co-ordination; the integration of structural and building services
  • Lifecycle costing and value engineering.