The practice has established and developed internal Quality Assurance and Management procedures. On all projects these procedures are and will be consistently applied ensuring good professional practice, a methodical and considered project management approach and an efficient level of service.

We strive to maintain close Client, User and Contractor liaisons to ensure clear and sufficient lines of communication are maintained throughout every contract.

Every project is allocated a unique job number reference, for which comprehensive file records are maintained. Every project is under the direct control of a partner. We utilise a number of ‘project check lists’ and ‘designers check lists’ for all projects to ensure that client requirements are built into the design at the earliest stages. In this manner it is possible to control critical client instructions and approvals to proceed to other design stages, adhere to an agreed programme, issue prompt reports as required and ensure good communication is maintained. Critical client change instructions are recorded and noted on drawings.

The quality systems adopted by Mackie Ramsay Taylor ensure that the decision making framework is clear and there is an auditable trail for decisions. This allows project reviews to be carried out in an effective manner and ensures the brief is being followed and that the needs of the client are being met.